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Becky Fairy by LimeGreenSquid
Becky Fairy
Becky Fairy - Finished!
I wanted to capture her as she is in her sexy nighties, so i made sure the leaf dress was about the same size as the nighties she usually wears to bed.  

(i know :D  Jealous?)

I made her hair red because she plans to dye hers red soon.  It's been black for a while now - which to me is always fucking sexy and beautiful - but I've always loved red hair, too!  
I coloured the leaf wings with coloured sharpies, and the rest is coloured prismacolour pencil.  I just can't get that kinda smoothness with any other pencil.  
I wanted to make the daisy a different colour than white, but... simple works, too!  Sometimes too many colours distract...

Line work:
Becky Fairy - LINES by LimeGreenSquid
Becky Fairy - LINES
Becky Fairy - Linework
My beautiful Becky​ decided to do some more colouring tonight, so i decided to make another drawing!  :)
I wasn't sure what to draw again, and she said to draw her as a Garden Fairy!  So here we are!  
I do intend to colour her, but i figured i'd try to get a lined version uploaded just in case i mess it up, hehe.  Or if anyone else wanted to colour her!
Very happy with her.  This is completely from my brain, but you can totally tell it's her!  
She loves it, too!

Finished Product:
Green Octopus For Becky by LimeGreenSquid
Green Octopus For Becky
While Becky​ was colouring her new "adult colouring book" (when i hear "adult" i usually assume porn - but it's not that, just more detailed work to fill in, not themed as Dora or Pokemon or anything like that - though it would be awesome and funny to have a porn colouring book...), i wanted to draw something, too.  I wanted to draw another of my big girls, but i just had no vision... some ideas just no pose i could be satisfied with in my head, so i asked Becky what i should draw.
And she said her favourite sea animal: "Draw me an octopus!"
And so i did!  <3
We also had just bought some new cheap art markers (Artists Loft) and coloured pencils that we wanted to test against the more expensive stuff i usually buy.  She tried out the markers, and i tried out the pencils, and this is what i came up with!
Just something simple.  
The pencils aren't quite as good as Prismacolour, but they're not bad...
(sorry about the image quality lately, i'm having to photograph these with my digital camera since we haven't setup the scanner yet after the move)
Creepy Designs by LimeGreenSquid
Creepy Designs
Another Design piece.
I have a ton of these thin white cardboard strips in various sizes from packages of chocolate bars to draw on (this particular one is 20cm x 6.5cm).  
Anybody want to order one, in your favourite colours?  Want there to be a theme?  Or just one of my random stream-of-consciousness's?  
I could combine this design stuff with my BBW stuff.  I could add feet or hands or fish.  
I have smaller ones for bookmarks if you want!
It's fun creating various semi-creepy designs in lots of colours and is a nice way to pass the time productively while watching shows.

Drawn in coloured sharpies with no real plan. 
But i much enjoy the butterfly-dragon design on the right end!
Finally beat Arkham Origins.  I was stuck inside the bridge part without any idea of how to get out, or where to go.  I kept going back and forth, finding nothing. I HATE that, and none of the youtube walkthroughs seemed to cover where i was, and skipped through the part i was stuck at.
It's been at least a year or more since i put this game down, but i'd recently been playing Arkham City with Becky​'s kid, enjoying the atmosphere, thinking i should try to maybe start Origins over again.  
So i finally put it back in, loaded my old game where i was stuck and suddenly found a ladder i hadn't seen before!  JEEZ!  But, Phew!

That Firefly fight was pretty cool!  Easy, but cool!
The climax with Joker and Bane made my hands ache, though, holy shit!!  
But it was fun!  I don't get people who say it was a bad game compared to City.  It IS a lot easier to die, though, and that sucks.  But it looks amazing, some of the gameplay elements were improved enough to make a smoother experience...
If only i could afford a PS4 when Arkham Knight comes out... these games are masterpieces!  Every single one!

So it wasn't Mark Hamil as Joker... it's quite noticeable, but after a while it's passable.  They did armour up Batman's suit, but at least they didn't ruin the mask part like the Bale batman's closed-in cheeks.  That shit looked STUPID!  But this game looks awesome!

I can't wait for Arkham Knight, but i CAN wait because i am not shelling out $400+ just to play Batman, haha.  Although, a lot of great titles are slotted for release in the next couple years...
Need a job first!
  • Listening to: Subterrainian Homesick Alien - Radiohead
  • Reading: The Hobbit, Darth Plagueus
  • Watching: Voyager, House MD, Full House
  • Playing: Batman: Arkham Origins
  • Eating: Home made pizzas
  • Drinking: Water


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hello, I'm Nick, aka LimeGreenSquid, an admirer of the Big Beautiful Women of the world, of varying shapes and sizes - which you will see in multitudes among my artwork.

In short form, i'm an opinionated, atheist, semi-retro video gamer, who loves, and loves to draw long-haired chubby girls who don't shave their natural body hair, but do show off their cute and expressively sexy toes.

I love the bizarre and the occult, as well as Spring, rainbows, bright colours, nature, and rational freedom of thought.

I draw other things, too, but BBW are my major focus, because i've discovered i can do a lot of good, inspire a lot of confidence and self-esteem with my BBW artwork, to women of different shapes and sizes.

One of the most rewarding things i can hear is, "This drawing looks just like me! I can see myself as sexy and beautiful because of this!" (I've had this comment a few times, now and the feeling never diminishes).

Beyond that, i hope you enjoy my gallery, and perhaps become inspired to draw or photograph your own barefoot, unshaven, full-figured goddesses.

And may the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house! (RIP George Carlin)

Current Residence: Chilliwack, BC, Canada
Print preference: I do prefer to print rather than use handwriting.
Favourite genre of music: Good Metal (Machine Head, Daath, Pantera), industrial (KMFDM, Manson, Frontline Assembly), jazz (Les Brown, Miles Davis, Billie Holiday), good rock (Pink Floyd, the Doors, etc.), Trip-out (Radiohead, Com Truise...)
Favourite photographer: My friend Jamie liked photography?
Favourite style of art: BBW Art, pencils best, computer stuff is ok sometimes.
Operating System: Win 7
MP3 player of choice: blech ... i'll choose CDs, please!
Shell of choice: Snail shells and Turtle shells are cool
Wallpaper of choice: I just have posters on my walls. They're painted walls. No wallpaper.
Skin of choice: Is this a racial thing?
Favourite cartoon character: He-Man!! and Skeletor!!! (original style, of course)
Personal Quote: Religion is not necessary to living a moral life. Fat Girls are Pretty! Don't be fake!

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