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April 25, 2012
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Question God by LimeGreenSquid Question God by LimeGreenSquid
"The more i study religions, the more i am convinced that man never worshipped anything but himself." - Sir Richard Burton (1812-1890)

I finally got myself a scanner, so you can now enjoy this completely basic stick-drawing without the ugly paper-shade and graininess!

Anyway, this one should be pretty straightforward.

When people are offended that you are questioning god, they are really just upset that you are questioning them and everyone who taught them this stuff growing up.

Anger is always their first reaction because, besides being lead to believe that dismantling their religion is "hurting" them, they know they have no convincing answers to any of your questions. So, they would rather claim authority (without earning it) in an attempt to put a stop to all questioning, encouraging everyone to ignore and demonize doubters, while minimizing the suffering caused at their religion's encouragement.

When humans (and human-written books) are the only conveyors of the thoughts of all gods, and these people refuse to show you any of these gods, and no one agrees on which gods are real or not, or even on certain aspects of the same god (33,000+), the only useful conclusion is that belief in the existence of gods is most likely a false assumption, and an utter waste of time, energy and money.

And when these gods support slavery, genocide, and discrimination, it's important to point out to people, "This is not a roll model, and we must question anyone who would intentionally choose to ally themselves with a being who has ever given these laws, because inevitably, they are allying themselves with people who do follow these laws, and making those people stronger and more influential..."

Suspect anyone who tries to limit your curiosity!!!
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GoldenesFlies Featured By Owner May 23, 2014
Please note that he following text is copied from my previous discussions.

Without a god, life does not make sense. Even Gandhi said: "Without God I would be dead." And he was right. If you really were an atheist, you would accept that your life has neither worth nor sense. You would have killed yourself long ago.
Everything around us is somehow measurable, alterable and limitable. We can say where H2O exists and where it does not. Every little thought can be measured, even love is just an amount of waves on a paper. You could actually say that we humans are nothing more but advanced robots/computers/viruses. With enough technology, we definitely could create robots that can think just as three-dimensional as we do. With enough knowledge it would be easy to make you think everything. Even if these thoughts are not necessarily yours you would think they are. We are nothing but a bunch of electrons, neutrons and ions and so on. In our existence, there is no significance. There is no reason. With the technology, I could exactly say what you are going to do tomorrow, next month, until you die. It is all just information. Everything measurable will wither away, it will all come to an end as if it never even existed. There is not a single thing that has significance since it will not last forever. Looking at the "impossible" black hole, even information, that was actually thought to be infinite, can end and will end. 
It would not make a difference if you were to say that life makes sense for because of the beauty of the stars. How could it since you yourself are meaningless, every neutron of this thought could be altered and everything we have here is nothing against eternity.
Now you will probably argue that this is the reason someone invented God and the reason why many people believe in him. That is wrong. Just look at you and you know the answer. Do you have the sudden urge to go out for a stroll and kill everybody you see? Do you want to slice your throat? No, you do not want to. Because you do not have enough insight to see your very non-sensical life as what it is: totally without worth. You are never going to say to a worm: "I am just as pitiful as you are: Like you, I am worthless."
And because you lack the insight and because everybody lacks this insight, they think they are just fine without a god. You actually are enjoying your freedom, are you not? You do not want to lose your easy life, now do you? With this, you have long lost your impartiality, your un-ignorance you are so proud of.
There are always more heathens than there are believers, I guess I do not have to prove this. So it is the other way round: people deleted God from their brains because it is easy to walk on the broad way without a god.

Every single morning I wake up being glad that God is just like he is: Not measurable. If God really would be measurable, I would not accept him as the being he describes himself: an eternal existence. He would become as insignificant as we are. There is no information about God  because he is eternal and the only significant being and because of that you will never find true peace apart from him.

If he was provable how could you ever show that you deserve his love? You would accept him as natural as gravity, and you'd be a hypocrite just because of all the benefits. I don't know a single statement that could disprove that.

The following text is not finished yet.

Truth through Pain and Love

Why does the Bible consist of two such extreme positions, the Old and the New Testament?
Why these two entirely different sides, I often wondered. What could be the gain of this, to make a book just like a medal with two sides?

I don't want to give a bunch of answers. I want one answer. 

"Truth sets you free." - Do you agree with that?

Can pain set us free? - It can, if it shows us the truth.

To explain the answer I need to tell you about an experiment. In this experiment they put adolescent criminals in one cell with mass murderers. The result of this was that 100% of these young criminals didn't get back to their old ways of criminality (at least as far as the police knows).
We could say they have seen the truth through pain, maybe not entirely but a part of it. We are not talking about one superior truth here, we are talking about the truth the police wanted the prisoners to see.

So here we have an example of pain showing us truth (I trust we can agree that being in the same cell with a life-long violent prisoner is pain. Even if we don't, it doesn't affect the answer).

Let us use this example in the larger and biblical picture; the young prisoners are a people and the pain is the law of the Old Testament. I trust there are no complaints about comparing young criminals with barbarians (what they have been four thousand years back).

The laws about slavery were just as needed. They forced an improvement about how to treat slaves and built the base for the second part of the Bible, the NT. Would more improvement have been accepted? Doubtfully, the common morality was not ready for it. This is a logical look at the behavior of this time, not our time. The context must not be ignored.

To show us the entire truth love is needed as counterpart since truth should consist of two extremes that are working against each other and overall together.

Shouldn't it be "Truth through Hate and Love"? - No, because God does not hate us just like a parent does not hate his child.

If we have the OT as pain then obviously the NT is the love. Both are equally needed as guide.

The New Testament is meant to complete what the old one has begun and for us the Old Testament is meant to remind us of the pain.

To make this clear: This pain was as needed as the love and its source and goal is the same.

In my very own eyes this is not apologetic for it does not lessen anything written in the Bible (looking at slavery one might come to think so however with a context such as the one here I cannot see anything more logical. Since I am merely human, I may be wrong), it is an answer.

One might not think so, one might as well leave his left eye closed, one might as well stay Thomas the unbeliever forever, but I would like to ask if s/he is actually planning to ever change her/his view. 
LimeGreenSquid Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"The laws about slavery were just as needed. They forced an improvement about how to treat slaves and built the base for the second part of the Bible, the NT. Would more improvement have been accepted? Doubtfully, the common morality was not ready for it. This is a logical look at the behavior of this time, not our time. The context must not be ignored."

The context is an infinite god who can do infinite things, but can't figure out how to fix his own creation.  They improved slavery rather than ridding it, even though god has commanded many other things the people followed on threats of death or damnation.  A god of love who ordered brutal torture deaths for simple things like working on the wrong day can't come up with a way to eradicate slavery in the same way?  
Come on!  Every new story reveals more and more the flawed human agenda behind it!

The context will always be people writing a god around a reality that a god cannot actually change.  
The context will always be an infinite god forgetting his infinite powers for the sake of the embarrassingly human plot.

Gods are not apparent in reality, and make the universe make LESS sense.  But you are free to show me one.  But if all you have are words and ancient rumors, and false history, mostly plagiarized by earlier religions, then you have a long way to go.

Life only makes sense without a god because chemical reactions are proven to happen on their own, without design.  Plus for you to assert there is a god, you would have to explain where god came from.
You cannot demand a creator for the universe to solve the problem of complexity by adding an even MORE complex being at the beginning.  A being THAT complex could never have just "happened on its own" either.  You just cause your own infinite loop problem that can't be ignored without being glaringly hypocritical.  

That's the thing, theists refuse to step back from their story and analyze it as the flawed, human-written narrative it truly is.  
Vovina-de-Micaloz Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I lol'd... it's so true.
LimeGreenSquid Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know, it's just... you know? Hehe.
Vovina-de-Micaloz Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

If this god is really so "all-powerful" then why haven't I heard back from him in 21 years? Sheesh.
Deranged-Dragon Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, I strongly agree with the quote and the picture. I do believe in some higher power or spiritual realm but not the one of the Bible or the one of religion, more of the idea. My reasoning is that if the universe, the world we live in, is so endless as they say how did it all come about?

Anyway, I don't want to get into any deep debate, I'd just like to put my 2 cents out there. :)

Great picture too. Very comical. :lol:
LimeGreenSquid Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks. I like to think that the collective knowledge we all have to carry around as a species to continue to be as "successful" as we are, is the best place to designate a word like "god" or "higher power". Although it's not actually a god, or a higher power, just our ability to write, record and remember, but our collected human knowledge is the most important thing to us, and can be extremely fragile (say we kill most of ourselves off: the next generation has to start with the knowledge and governance once found in the dark ages) and is technically like a shared brain between all humans. Every fact we've recorded, everything we say that sticks around, popular sayings and trends and laws and democracy and knowledge of our own technology, all the lessons against cruelty and slavery we've grudgingly beat out of ourselves could all be wiped out with one global catastrophe (or if we just suddenly lost the ability to use electricity).
That's as far as i am willing to stretch the "god" concept, but it's still all man-made. We thought all this stuff up as a species and what we've learned is that we need it in order to make any kind of peaceful society.
But it is still perplexing to wonder how (or if) it all began, when and why. "Higher power" still to me has too much of a spiritual connotation for me to be able to use comfortably, but i'd say whatever created this universe had to have been created itself/themselves. And the more we can keep going back like that, the more i am resigned to think the universe just has always been, without explanation.
Pondering these explanations is fun and a core part of figuring ourselves out, but claiming to know the explanation: well that's just dishonesty (aka religion/spirituality). Which is why i cannot settle on any god or higher power idea until i am shown exactly what it is, with proof and evidence, hehe.
Deranged-Dragon Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, I completely agree! Our morals, our idea, our mentality is all influence from past generations. There is not much more I can add as you basically summed up all my scatter thoughts in a nice little nutshell.

I am neither an atheist or a very religious person as I understand why both parties believe in what they do. They are good and bad points to each side. I see every perspective to be a piece to a puzzle and that the possibilities in what we could believe in to be technically endless.
DougBaltz Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
He doesn't require them to speak for Him, they claim to be speaking for Him without understanding what He'd really want. I believe in God, but I don't believe in religion.
LimeGreenSquid Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
But all gods require mankind to point them out, like you pointing out this other god that you are referring to. Believing in a magical being is religion, because it requires faith, because there is no evidence (that's the entire reason "faith" was invented). Because still - only humans ever speak of gods. When they can speak for themselves, then i'll listen.
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