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March 8, 2012
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While believing in "a" god or gods can possibly be argued with a small degree of logic, it's extremely illogical to believe in the specific god Yahweh - the obviously humanly flawed selfish, jealous, greedy, hateful deity of the bible whose actions and orders fit the description of any religion's main villain, much too tiny and petty to explain the beauty and vastness of this universe.

Any "all-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful" god who has ordered even one human to kill another human, EVER, is a FALSE god (not to mention the hundreds of thousands of children and women yahweh has ordered exterminated, or taken as slaves... the Good god, everybody!)
EVEN just once!
Or any infinitely loving god who can allow the existence of a place like hell (without becoming so extremely disgusted with himself at even contemplating the idea that he just snaps it out of existence in the very next thought), just proves itself to be a creation based on the umrealistic needs and desires of humanity during those violent, war-torn ages.  
These are traits of a false god created by humans.  100%!!

How can you get angry when you have the power to solve every problem in the entire universe?
Just the fact that an all-knowing, all-loving god admits to feelings of "Jealousy" or even "Anger" should be the biggest trigger to, "I'm being lied to!"  To clue you in that this god was definitely created by the egos and agendas of men, specifically, unequivocally.

While we may never know what allowed the conditions for the massive expansion (or big bang), that is the only place left for a god to hide. Every other aspect originally attributed to every one of our gods has been explained by natural phenomena. There is no evidence of any supernatural influence on anything that happens in this universe from the big bang itself to now.  Again, there's a small chance a god may have been needed perhaps the moment before the big bang, but it's very small, and where did It go, and why did It decide to stop interfering with the universe?

Logically a loving god would forgive a first transgression made by the first people who didn't even know what "evil" or "disobeying" even meant. The story of Adam and Eve is no better than school children arguing over how to play, "You didn't play like i wanted you to, i hate you forever!  You're not allowed on the merry-go-round anymore!"

"Hate," as indicated by the stories in the bible itself, seems to be the only emotion god feels for us on a consistent basis.  But that's what you get for programming us wrong and then blaming us for it.  Why set up so many conditions intentionally stacked against us, most of which with no meaning or reason (targeting lust: the one thing that creates life), unless he intended to toy with us?  
Why set up such a corrupt system that, if we fail to meet these conditions, so many of us helpless humans in his care, under "His Infinite Love and Protection," are to be burnt and tortured forever with no chance of escape or even help from him, EVER, because you might have forgotten to apologize for saying "god damn" once.  
Yes, christians HAVE built a god this dim, and hateful.  

The only way out of hell is by scrapping the entire idea of being a good person.  Just claim belief in and ancient book that endorses genocide more than love.  Claim belief in the idea that an ancient god of prejudice sent a part of himself down, to sacrifice himself to himself, just so he can figure out how and why to forgive us for that one first transgression (that he set up all along) about which he's still holding that childish, playground grudge, all in the hopes that we'll kiss his feet for eternity!  
(God of Justice and Forgiveness, everybody!)

Yahweh is purely illogical, and cannot exist as he is described in the bible. Read it with the mind of a human who cares and loves his fellow people, and wouldn't want to discriminate against them for no reason.  In that frame of mind, no one can deny that a full read of the bible is the best source for all the reasons NOT to believe in Yahweh, nor his "extention/hand puppet" Jesus.  
Read it as if you never want learn how to justify genocide, homophobia, sexism, racism, murdering babies, marrying and raping the women of cities you take over, etc..  
I highly suggest reading the bible all the way through: your god orders and encourages all of these above things.
And if he can think this way even ONCE it proves he is not loving (love doesn't create hell, nor does it pit man against man), not all-knowing (if understands every reason for everything happening, and can fix all problems with a thought, then it is impossible/cruelty to get angry since you already knew what was coming, since you PROGRAMMED it all, and so it had to be part of your plan in the first place), and NOT all-powerful (an omniscient god CAN fix its problems with instant thought changes, so why choose bloody physical messes that only make things worse and more confusing coming from a god?).
If you disagree with these teachings, then you disagree with the bible.  And if you disagree with the bible, then why are you still calling yourself christian?  
Why not stand against such obvious abuse-justification in the form of ancient, invisible, intangible fear?

I get so many responses saying, "Well you're just focusing on the negative parts of religion, the negative parts of god, the bible, our cult members," but ... that's the point.  NOBODY is focusing on the negative aspects of religion and DEALING with them.  
...well, a rare few, and we atheists love that there are good christians trying to change things ... but if you disagree with god's teachings, then why do you still support him - but, i'll get to that...

Ignoring the negative aspects of god is exactly the same as promoting Adolf Hitler as a great and moral man because he was a Vegetarian, and was responsible for probably the most solid German economy in history.  Just ignore the negative holocaust stuff, that's just focusing on the negative.  
"I can call myself a nazi and not be associated with racism and the holocaust, can't i?"

"I can ignore the endless harassment, and violent reaction to homosexuals as instructed by my bible, and still support the bible and not be associated with homophobia, can't i?  
Witch burning?  Slavery?  Calling unbelievers fools?  I don't believe in any of that, but i support those who do by giving credit to this ancient hateful book!  
But I can still call myself christian without directly adding support to words of bigotry, CAN'T I?!?!?"

If YOU promote the bible to others as a Complete Package, then YOU must believe it as a Complete Package!!  Not believing it completely while promoting it as 100% truth, is YOUR own hypocrisy.  
I didn't choose to put you in your "Christian" box, YOU did.  Own it!

YOU chose to stick with this bigot god, despite all his actions, so stop backtracking when we call you out on your religion's encouragement of abuse!
Or do the rational, empathetic thing and stand against it, and you won't have to worry about being associated with christian-specific bigotry!  
It really IS that simple:  Stop supporting the bible, you stop supporting biblical abuse.

Believing in some parts of the bible and not others, and still calling yourself a Christian is the exact same as saying you're a big fan of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, but that you'd only ever been shown the trailer.  You've heard the bad reviews across the board, and are hesitant to see the whole movie because you know it'll just ruin the magic the trailer brought you.  
You'd just rather have "faith" (the belief in the words of other men) that it's "good".  

Believe in the idea of a god if you need to. But don't give support to slavery, homophobia, sexism, and racism by supporting the holy book of hate-crimes, the Bible.
Don't be a lazy fanboy or fangirl.  

Read it thoroughly and realize what has us atheists so thoroughly disgusted by it.
A god of love that encourages slavery and allows for eternal suffering to exist anywhere in his universe.

To see my Youtube version: [link]

Remember: Atheists aren't the ones telling you that you're going to be tortured forever if you aren't on our side.

We're trying to let you know that you'll NEVER be tortured forever, because that's so obviously impossible, that it makes itself unbelievably ridiculous.
It's an argument required for humans to convince other people to do what they're told (ie, voting against gay marriage and women's rights), using the intensified fear of something they refuse to prove, yet claim special command from.
Gotta wonder what's on the agendas of those who still fight me on the side of this kind of thinking...
And why those who also disagree with these teachings still paint themselves with these colours...
And that's our entire point.
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Furbs3D Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And of course, check too my depiction of Yahwehīs ancient wife ASHERAH:

More info about this forgotten marriage here:…
Furbs3D Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Check my Yahweh portraits! :P

Furbs3D Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I fully agree with you, LimeGreenSquid!!!


Yahweh is one of the most hateful & psychopathic deities the human mind has ever created.
Just like Richard Dawkins described Him... “.. the God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”

Good read. Keep up the good work.
LimeGreenSquid Jul 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you!
You know. Im a Christian, Roman Catholic to be accured. I go to Church every Sunday and never heard on the mass about murdering, raping, slavery, genocide, killing children for cursing their parents, abortion combined with murdering the mother (in the Hosea book), kiling those who had sex with their parents, offspring, sibling, animals, sacrificing animals etc. I found these things when I read the Bible and I was pretty mortified.
LimeGreenSquid Apr 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It is pretty shocking to read all that after being told of the god that most people are told of. Hard to put them together.
ImplicitImp Feb 21, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
You're right, religion is illogical - it's really something of a stumblingblock to progress, because it carries with it notions of compunction and guilt, some artificial. But there is that comfort of something which physics or chemistry cannot prove, so it does serve some function.

Religion is there, partly mixed with philosophy and separate from science. Science doesn't talk God, and Religion doesn't talk Science. It's not meant to be logical, while science is.

And really, intolerance by Christians is forgetting what Jesus said about loving thy neighbor as thyself. That is a common error among the religious (people tend to mess up a lot), but it is not the correct way to be a Christian.
yaktheripper May 24, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
oh my gosh...Lime. You simply can't win this debate. Humans, for the most part, are wired to anything. While I'm not an atheist, I'm not a follower either. Not that anyone asked, but my "belief" puts me on neutral ground.
My belief is simple. Everything came from something. I base this on observation of natural laws. It just makes sense to me. I don't subscribe to any bible, however I believe that something of intelligence beyond our comprehension created this reality. I don't believe it knows of us and if it does...I'm not sure it cares. I don't believe that we "carry on" past the shelf life of our physical and that dead is dead. I don't believe in Good or Evil.
But, the best part is...I don't know if I'm right, and I don't care! If I'm be it. If Christianity has it right then Im mega fucked. Oh well.
We outside the Christian religion recognize the gaping flaws of their religion. We read it, listen to it, discuss it and say, "now this just doesn't add up". There is no proof that they are evidence...yet they choose to believe.
This is their right. It is...their "faith".
I salute your protest of it however. Logic and reason should be celebrated and questions should be answered. Unfortunately, not one person you debate with on here will provide one answer that would hold any sort of water in a court of law. All they have is hearsay. be an atheist is just as flimsy. While they do not hold the proof of their god, you do not hold proof that something of "god like" power does not exist. On the contrary, as stated earlier it is logical to deduce that something ie reality, before or after said "big bang" exists because something caused it to exist. Something as ordinary as a paperclip does't just appear out of thin air...what would bring us to the conclusion that something as complex as reality would?
LimeGreenSquid May 24, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
As long as humans can use the laws of a god to promote all the kinds of discrimination (such as the bible promotes), this god will have to show its face to the humans it claims to love, yet chooses to neglect or, in his own stories, abuses and demands worship from like a spoiled bully. And that is the god that is most popular and its speakers causing the most trouble where i live - the kind of god i would morally always have to fight against.

It's always the religious majority where the votes against gay rights and women's rights and non-religious people's rights come from. And that's because the bible specifically downtrods women and gays and non-believers as subhuman, and so long as people support the bible as a credible source of history (which we know it isn't, but many refuse to accept that), people will ALWAYS be able to turn to passages and say, "God says this about these people, so it's ok for me to disregard what these people actually say in real life, and instead follow a dead god's laws, obviously written by bigoted humans. Because ancient books are more important than real people."

To not believe in Yahweh, Jesus and all that has to do with the Abrahamic faiths is the most rational thing in the universe, and there is no winning that debate. He is a disgusting hateful god that does not deserve worship, no amount of cross-waving will change that.

To say no gods exist at all, while logical and pretty much the way reality shows us it works (aka: goddlessly, imperfect, completely random until molecules working together formed nervous systems and could show "intent"), no one has the answer, so an atheist arguing against a god that someone says might have started the "big bang" would be pointless, because there are no facts on either side of a wild guess. But then I could say purple unicorns started the big bang and you would have no right to tell me i'm wrong, but should I be taken seriously just because i say i believe it, using the exact same "wild guess" method as all god-believers: the self-lie known as "faith." Any feeling you get is part of your evolved senses to desperately need things that are alive around you, watching you, to make you feel like a safe little monkey when relatives die, and you no longer have certain familiar faces keeping you safe.

We project human emotion at everything because we're egotistical humans who think we're the center of the universe, and can't stand the idea of a universe without some sort of personality with a boner for humanity.

Faith is never a good way to approach anything - it is literally allowing people to convince you of something and giving them a free pass to hide what they're talking about from you: something built specifically to manipulate people into following agendas without question because a closed-minded faithful believer is going to accept all they're taught by the first person who closes their questioning mind by bringing them "faith", and denyinh any and all arguments against the agenda, without question, even when the evidence is clearly against it. Faith is always a form of lying, no matter how you cut it.

And faith will never be enough for me to vote against homosexuals or women, or groups of people at all. Faith is not a big enough excuse for bigotry, yet people use it as the biggest shield, because the bible provides hundreds of passages that support the absolute WORST in humanity. And if christians can call themselves "true christians" while picking and choosing the laws of their god based on whether they like or dislike them, then how does that make them christians?

But if you're not promoting that god, then i have no beef with your belief. If your god does not support the bigotry and genocide encouraged and ordered several times by the god the christians worship (and many other gods man has come up with), then i have no problem with your god, other than the fact that nothing in this universe indicates anything supernatural, and that wild guesses are useless. Just please don't defend the christian god, and give your god a different name so we don't associate you with the bigotries associated with the bible.

Atheists are here to call religious bullshit: Christians want us to treat other people horribly because their god tells me to? Show us their god, and let him tell me, and ONLY then will i realize he's real, and then i would still have to fight against him, because treating anybody differently for the way they were born, when they are not causing any harm, is not something anybody should EVER stand for. Bullying is NEVER a positive human trait.

Only science can approach the universe with any sort of honesty, as science does not allow itself to make wild guesses. Anything science claims as true has to go through brutal scrutiny, why? Because we'd rather be honest instead of burying our heads in the wild guesses of an ancient book of proven-false history that refuses to improve upon its belief structure. We'd rather be honest than to prematurely conclude that any gods exist when there's no indication of supernatural influence in this universe.

And if everything came from something, your god had to come from something, too. He could be a programmer for a matrixy program, or it could be a bomb-shaped god that started the big bang, or whatever (wild guesses never get anywhere in these debates, that's why science has to be called to decipher reality from wishful thinking)

If you claim that your god doesn't have a creator, then you are saying something CAN come from nothing, and so i can also claim, with as much evidence as you, that the particles of this universe (the very stardust that composes all matter, including ourselves) always existed, making your claim null and void.

A paper clip was made with a mind that knows how to manipulate tools. Before animals, there were likely no other minds in the entire universe. The mind is the universe's way of being able to "edit" itself, without just relying on the "laws" of physics ("laws" only in the sense that humans can relate to them, not actual cosmically written rules), which rely on unguided, chance meetings of molecules and other physical matter. Without intention the universe has spawned beings that DO have intent, and can manipulate the molecules of the universe with memory and purpose, rather than chance. That's what makes life amazing to me.
Molecules randomly attaching to other molecules, chemical reactions randomly meeting and creating motion, then more and more molecules attach and soon resource gathering for building becomes feeding and reproducing - and that's life from non-life.
We are the universe finally able to observe and influence itself.

It's absolutely amazing how unlikely we are, but nothing about the process of life indicates any supernatural influence. It can all be traced to completely natural circumstances under the laws of physics that our universe, as we know it, works within. Whether these "laws" are absolutely universal, or change depending on what "multiverse" you're in, or whenever the universe contracts again into a tiny singularity before it builds the pressure to "big bang" again (which IS a behaviour observed in some cosmic phenomena, so it's likely, but...) it's still all calculated guessing, and science will not claim one thing or another to be true if all it has is a guess, whether wild, or calculated. Anybody claiming to know what happened before the big bang is either being dishonest or are ignorant sheep echoing what the dishonest have told them. But everything that did happen once the big bang occurred can be observed and traced back, because we, the universe, can finally see and understand ourselves in ways we never could when we evolved to have belief in the supernatural, and then artificially selected by religious tyrants who'd kill all people who DON'T have a natural inclination to "just believe".

And in all honesty my belief puts me on neutral ground, too, and i recognize and understand that, because i can't know if a god exists or not until one shows itself to me. Same again can be said about purple unicorns, and that doesn't make either claim any more worthwhile to argue for.
I do know the christian god doesn't exist, because it's too humanly flawed, filled with too much primitive human hatred, and if christians weren't instructed by their god to be the most obnoxious pushers of their addiction, with a side of discrimination, i would not be arguing against the idea of gods so much.

But they are forcing our hands. This never really was about religion, but human rights. If people are fighting to take human rights away from other people, using a god as an excuse, THAT'S when atheism becomes important. That's when we all have to stand together against faith, because faith is the poison that con-men sell their flock so that their flock unquestioningly obeys, and votes for what god wants instead of being encouraged to THINK about what real people are going through. Faith is the silencer of questions, and is used most often as the true enemy of the open mind.

Keep an open mind, just don't let your brain spill out, and don't treat others bad or god based solely on wild guesses (aka faith), is all we atheists really want to say.
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